This articles describes how to use the standard Data Request (Excel) Template. 

The Excel Template can be used to send standard data to a requester and apply a password to protect the data. You can use this template in cases where Secure Data Exchange is not required. 

The Template consists of:

  1. A 'Notes' worksheet that should be used to list relevant notes, caveats and filters for the requester. 
  2. A 'Data' page, that should be used to populate the actual data that has been extracted, according to the agreed specification. 

To protect the security of the data, please take the following steps:

  1. Hide the 'Data' sheet (simply right click the sheet and click 'Hide')
  2. Protect the workbook with a password

You can then attached the file to your correspondence with the requester. The requester can easily access the hidden data by clicking the 'Access Data' button in the 'Notes' worksheet and then entering the password.